Shipyard and boat storage Watersport Twee Provinciën

Everything for your boat: winter storage, repair, maintenance, servicing, ...

Bootswerft und Bootslager  Watersport Twee Provinciën aus der Vogelperspektive Boat yard and boat storage Watersport Twee Provincin Watersport Twee Provinciën from the bird's eye view The company Watersport Twee Provinciën in Leeuwarden was taken over by Sytze and Greta Kooi at the beginning of 2013. Sytze has a lot of experience in water sports, was skipper / owner of a 35 meter sailing charter ship for 12 years and together with his wife Greta Kooi 13 years owner of Yachtcharter Sneek, a motor boat rental company with almost 30 motor yachts in the fleet.
In addition, a flatboat rental with a fleet of 19 vessels was also operated under the name Sailcharter Sneek.
The Watersport Twee Provinciën location is gradually being expanded into an all-round water sports centre.
Here you can book indoor or outdoor storage, rent a hobby hall and carry out all kinds of work around your ship.

Mooring, storage, maintenance, ...

Water sports Twee Provinciën in Leeuwarden has a lot to offer water sports enthusiasts. There are several moorings directly at the Nauen Greuns. A very large indoor storage area of no less than 2,500 m² and an outdoor storage area of around 7,000 m². The staff will also advise and assist you with the maintenance of your boat. With their practical mentality, they will gladly help you on your way to more sailing pleasure.


The daily management is in the hands of Sytze Kooi. In addition, they have a trained marine engineer and a yacht painter on standby, so that you can immediately receive the necessary maintenance service so that you can enjoy your boat pleasantly and carefree.