Lemsteraken for rent in Friesland
Rent flat-bottomed ships from various ports ...

Platbodemverhuur FrieslandSince the season 2019 we (Flatboat Rental Platbodemverhuur Friesland - Sailcharter Leeuwarden) offer perfectly maintained and very well-kept flatboats in different sizes in charter from different places in Friesland. The boats are between 8.50 and 32.00 metres long and designed for 2 - 34 guests.
The special thing about us: the boats are handed over directly to the charter guests by their owners (in exceptions by a representative). )

This has two significant advantages for the guests:
• the owners of course know their ships best and can give the respective crew all the details and tips in dealing with their individual flat-bottom boat
• in each marina there are only few charter ships (max. 3 sailors), i.e. there is time for the guests at the handover, there is no mass processing.

The crew of Platbodemverhuur Friesland has more than 20 years of experience both in the charter business and in sailing with these traditional ships, so that you will be guided competently and expertly in choosing the right ship for you. We are also happy to assist you with your cruise planning. ...
The booking cantor of Platbodemverhuur Friesland is located in the Frisian capital Leeuwarden, the crew speaks Dutch, German, English and friendly. The ships' home and departure ports are Makkum, Stavoren, Heeg and Leeuwarden.

All ships are suitable for sailing holidays and are equipped with beds, fully equipped kitchen and WC / bath. In addition to personal belongings, charter guests only need to bring bedding (duvet, fitted sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover) and food, and the cruise can begin. You can rent a flat bottom boat for a week, a weekend or other individual periods. The inland waters of Friesland, the IJsselmeer and the Dutch Wadden Sea offer perfect sailing areas with almost all wind directions and forces.

The ports of departure of our traditional flat-bottomed ships

Our ships are moored in several harbours clearly for the guests. Below you can see the advantages and characteristics of each marina.

Marina Stavoren

What advantages and destinations does the departure point Stavoren offer for Lemsteraken?

Stavoren lies directly on the Frisian coast. For guests with little experience on round and flat boats, the large inland waters such as Fluessen and the Heegermeer offer excellent opportunities to take the first steps with a Lemsteraak.
In Friesland there are beautiful places like Heeg, Sneek, Woudsend ... and the possibility to spend the night in the open air at one of the countless jetties of the Marrekrite. With plenty of wind on the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer, the Frisian lakes and inland waters offer an excellent protected sailing area.

Marina Heeg

What possibilities does the home port of Heeg offer for flat bottom ships?

From the harbours in Heeg you have direct access to the Heegermeer, a large lake that continues south to the inland lake Fluessen and finally, via a canal to Stavoren on the coast, to the IJsselmeer with its attractive harbour towns.
From Heeg you can sail northwards, towards Sneek and then further north, to Grou with the Pikmeer and the adjacent nature reserve "De Alde Feanen".